Inner Circle Rum was once the exclusive preserve of Australia’s Colonial Sugar Refining Company’s board of directors and a handful of its prized clients. Even they were only entitled to the occasional bottle.

Despite its limited availability, word of  Inner Circle’s unique flavour became legendary – whispered amongst rum enthusiasts the world over.

After some years, Inner Circle is now fully Australian-owned and operated again. It is produced at the Beenleigh Artisan Distillery using traditional Pot Stills, keeping in line with how it was once produced by CSR from 1855-1986.

It is now produced for all to enjoy, and the excited whispering about this incredible Rum has begun anew.

Welcome to the Inner Circle.



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    1855 - The Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR) established sugar refineries in Australia & New Zealand

  • 1873 - CSR established Harwood distillery on the Clarence River, NSW.

  • 1901 - CSR sets up a distillery in Pyrmont, Sydney to produce pot distilled rum.

  • 1950 - ICR won its first Gold medal at the Sydney agricultural show, the first of many awards both local & international.

  • 1968 - ICR was released to the Australian market and immediately created a cult following. It was released as three variants; underproof, overproof & 33% overproof, easily distinguished by its red dot, green dot and black dot on the label.

  • 1986 - CSR sells the brand leading to it being removed from the market- Inner Circle Rum is effectively retired. It is to change ownership several times over the next 25 years

  • 2012 – Vok Beverages purchase the trademark and Inner Circle Rum is once again both Australian owned and produced